Mad By Nature

For me, Monday is all about getting orga

Brenda Castro 🦁

Originally from Mexico City, Brenda moved to Boston in 2003 and earned her Master’s degree in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising at Emerson College.

She then moved to Miami and began an extraordinary career in advertising & marketing. Brenda has worked with international advertising agencies such as TBWA and Ogilvy & Mather managing several well known brands such as Visa, Delta Airlines, Alamo, Disney, adidas and Johnson & Johnson among others. Her experience, both personal and professional, has made her strong a team leader with a special interest in consumer behavior.

Brenda’s passion has always been marketing, and with the evolving presence of social media she decided to embrace a new adventure and co-founded Mad by Nature with the goal to support businesses, small and large, to be unique and stand out in the digital world.

“I’ve come to understand that we live in a digital jungle and in order to survive and thrive, you need to be a little mad and always hungry to evolve”